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Staten Island Real Estate

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York with a population of nearly 420,000 residents.  It is located across the New York Bay and to the South of Manhattan.  Interestingly enough, Staten Island is also the only borough where homeowners out number renters.


Staten Island Demographics

Staten Island is the southernmost county in New York State, the third largest borough among New York City’s five counties covering 60.9 square miles.  Located only five miles from Manhattan and a half-mile from Brooklyn, Staten Island is an excellent residential area only minutes away from all the conveniences of the city.  From north to south, Staten Island is 13.9 miles and from east to west 7.3 miles.  Four major bridges and the Staten Island Ferry connect the Island to surrounding areas.


Staten Island Quality of Life

In addition to being a thriving business community, Staten Island is a great place to call home.  The Island boasts more parkland than any other Borough, as well as beaches, cultural attractions and fast access to entertainments from apple-picking in New Jersey to a Broadway Show.  A family-oriented Borough, Staten Island boasts ample residential choices, excellent schools and the safety of close knit, town based communities.  Over 1,500 new units of housing are built every year on Staten Island.  Housing stock ranges from Co-Ops to Single-Family Luxury detached units ranging in price from $75,000. to $1 Million +. 


Staten Island Transportation

Just outside the thick of New York traffic, Staten Island boasts easy access to the Interstate Highway System.  Twenty minutes West of the Island are Interstate 80, the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway as well as access roads to Manhattan.  Across the Verrazano Bridge to the East, Staten Island is proximate to main arteries serving Brooklyn, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  Staten Island also offers public transportation to Manhattan by Ferry, Bus and Rail Service.


Staten Island Education

Region 7 of the New York Department of Education serves the borough of Staten Island with 87 elementary schools, 24 intermediate schools and 18 high schools.  For a complete list of schools and locations visit Region 7’s new state-of-the-art official website  http://schools.nyc.gov/default.htm.


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